Paris court barrister

Pierre Léo is our superhero, dedicated to the rescuing companies by tackling their financial, economic and legal problems, be they circumstantial or structural.

Since donning his (super) robes in January 2004, he has been supporting entrepreneurs in difficulty by facilitating their turnaround (his 1st power), but also investors interested in ailing business takeover operations (his 2nd superpower) and finally, creditors of failing companies (his 3rd superpower).

+33 (0) 1 83 79 10 56

A graduate of the University of PARIS II (Panthéon Assas) and Strasbourg III (Robert Schuman), Pierre Léo was sworn in in January 2004. With 14 years of experience in insolvency and commercial litigation, including 10 years with a well-established law firm, he joined SPARK in October 2015 as a partner in order to complete the firm’s areas of expertise on issues frequently arising for its clients.

He also works alongside various economic actors (from microenterprises to stock-exchange registered groups) confronted with these companies’ difficulties to become their suppliers, backers, shareholders or financial partners. He is also involved in external growth operations through the backing of companies in difficulty or the acquisition of companies in receivership or bankruptcy: these operations can turn out to be genuine industrial and financial investment opportunities.

To sum it all up, PLJ is the specialist in “RJ” (receivership) and “LJ” (court ordered liquidation) of which he is a master!

What you will not find on his CV: Pierre Léo loves white shirts, tarte tatin, Playmobil, the Queen of England, India from Kashmir to Tamil Nadu, and from Gujarat to West Bengal.

And while he enjoys singing just like Ariane, he is more in the Magic Flute category!

Areas of operation

  • Personal care (nurseries, home help, etc.)
  • High Tech
  • Real estate development, construction
  • Advertising, communication, publishing
  • Audiovisual production, cinema, TV
  • Hotels, restaurants, catering
  • “living heritage” companies (“EPV”)