Matthieu de Soultrait

Paris court barrister- founding partner of Spark Avocats.

With his iconic round glasses and his ever elegant shoes, Matthieu is imbued with social relationships from head to toe. A veritable balm for soothing work relationships, he has a very pedagogical approach and is always practically minded when it comes to problem solving.

In his toolbox, you will find:

  • a pragmatic and economic approach to labour law, thanks to his education background in Business and Tax Law
  • a cheerfulness in the face of any challenge
  • close to 20 years of experience in individual and collective labour relations
  • a sense of humour that helps put all situations into perspective
  • and unfailing negotiation support for executives and managers

+33 (0) 1 83 79 97 69

He is developing, with the Mergers & Acquisitions / Corporate Law department, a recognized practice in advising executives and managers.

He also provides support in contract or termination negotiations and labour court litigation for company executives and managers.

And because Matthieu is also an entrepreneur, he strives -as a member of AVOSIAL, an association of lawyers specialising in labour law and advising and defending companies- for labour laws more adapted to companies’ economic needs.

What you will not find on his CV: Matthieu loves history, good wine, knitted ties, and knows how to defend himself in all situations (normal for a lawyer, you might say) but beware, he is an orange belt – hem… hem… – in Krav Maga!