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A real consistency still retaining a certain amount of unctuousness, a solid shell protecting what matters most, some oil for relationships, a hard core around which everything is built, an integrated green and eco-compatible footprint, a degree of excellence (a lot of flavour) that never disappoints, great maturity, a dazzling simplicity of use, a charisma that will delight dinners, introducing:

(in french, the same word “avocado” is used for lawyer and the fruit)

We could tell you whatever we want, we could describe, explain, argue, distinguish ourselves, in a word promise; what we will ask you to believe above all is that we mean what we say.

To tell you who we are, we will not follow the usual paths of communication, merely the more or less subtle paraphrase of a jargonised, codified argument to hide behind.

No, we will move forward openly, appealing to your sensitivity, simply and unambiguously, talking to you in our everyday language.

More than word sense,
what brings us together at Spark is common sense.

But as we do say it, we are sure that you will not forget that our vocation is to serve you completely, in a relationship of unequalled comfort. Quite naturally, our ambition is to keep you as our clients for as long as possible, because we all know it: fruitful relationships of trust are built over time.

We will not let you down.

Knowing how to receive our clients, welcoming them in the right spirit, guiding them with discernment? Our awarness of this is such, at every level of the firm, that we’ll announce it upfront:

to us, it’s a piece of cake.

One has the right to be business minded: the business sense that drives the minds of those who do it is not a defect. But what matters to us in the lawyer-client relationship is that irrefutable part of humanity, the part that requires that the stakes be not only strategic, but that they take into account what human beings have that is unique and poetic, in order to be able to share, in those moments of utmost intensity,

goosebumps of which we will have been the cause.

Because our greatest joy is to make you one. And to that end, we expand (with forceps if need be) our field of thought, we stimulate our creative strength, we shake up our preconceived notions, even if it hurts, in order to reinvent our process for each client.

It doesn’t optimize productivity but it makes you awfully optimistic.

We like to tell it like it is, even if we get to choose our weapons. Claiming that we have a sense of humour would be a sad lack of it, but we always make a point of honour out of taking a step back when addressing your issues.

We can even laugh at ourselves.
(except at Pierre-Léo, who might take it the wrong way).

We are curious by nature. Which often has us making a mountain out of a molehill. And it fills our bag with a billion things encountered along the way -gastronomy, opera, the reproduction of hammerhead sharks or Guatemalan shamanism- because they increase our ability to respond precisely.
Rules exist, but we sometimes break free from them. After all, occasionally being on the fringe does not rule out forever being up to speed.

At the end of the day, be it a molehill, a mountain or a glacier:
being at the height of your success is always cause for celebration.

Our experience is yours for the taking.
A sweet formula? No, a reality. We do not hoard our trade secrets for personal use, we transmit them via the personalised support which we provide. This is what renders decision-making so much easier.

We keep our cake whilst helping you to bake yours,
but eating it is good for everyone.

We understand your needs: we have the same ones.
To satisfy them, we go the extra mile compared to most of our colleagues, by incorporating strategy consultancy and risk management support.

So together, we can take the stars out of the sky.

In a sense, we resemble the cabinets of curiosities of yore, small spaces with a great deal of influence, clusters of rarities, concentrations of exceptions and meetings of unique sensitivities.

An elephant tusk, a declaration of love made of fine pearls, a badger’s skull, a Fabergé egg, and brilliant lawyers standing out from the crowd and guaranteeing success.