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At your side, day by day, in dealing with the CSE

The “CSE” (social and economic committee) replaces all of the
employee representative bodies (“DP” or employee representatives, “CE” or work council, “CHSCT” or health, safety and working conditions committee).
This new forum for dialogue between employees and employers,
which also plays a significant role in the health and safety
of employees, is mandatory in companies with 11 employees
and more.
The firm will assist you with the first implementation or with the renewal of the “CSE”,
as well as with its daily facilitation.



You wish to organise the electoral process:

  • defining the calendar
  • compiling the electoral lists
  • identifying eligible employees
  • negotiating the pre-electoral protocol agreement
  • ballot implementation
  • vote count
  • preparing the minutes
  • announcing the results
  • forwarding the documents to the “Inspection du Travail” (inspectorate for working conditions, health and safety) and to the “CTEP” (center for the processing of corporate elections (CTEP)

Employee representation in the company is a requirement which is often perceived as a burden.
It should be turned into an advantage. We support you in this respect:

  • Preparing periodical and ad hoc meetings
  • Drafting the “Questions / Answers”
  • Carrying out “Information / Consultations”.

Your reference person
Matthieu de SOULTRAIT

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