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You wish to initiate an employment contract termination.

Do you want to part with an employee? Any termination of the employment contract -whatever the grounds- is a source of risk:

  • individual dismissal (professional incompetence, insufficient results)
  • disciplinary dismissal (serious misconduct, gross negligence)
  • economic redundancy (individual or collective)
  • agreed contract termination
  • resignation
  • voluntary or compulsory retirement

What are the procedures to follow?



Defining the legal and contractual framework:

  • checking for any specific legal status
  • analysing the collective agreement
  • find out if a company agreement is applicable

Safeguarding the procedure and the grounds for termination:

  • drafting your correspondence
  • examining factual and probatory elements justifying contract termination
  • guidance and drafting the deeds formalising employment contract termination

Your reference person
Matthieu de SOULTRAIT

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