Do you wish to raise capital?

Spark is well acquainted with the gamut of different investors – individuals, business angels, family offices or investment funds – because we provide support for a large number of capital raising projects.

Together, we will verify the relevance of your project and secure the raising of capital. We will support you through all the different stages from selecting capital raising/investment partners, whilst managing the risks.



The SPARK Method

  • Defining the company or project’s funding needs. We provide you with the framework and experience for assessing the stakes and context of your funding project
  • Adapting the raising of capital to the company’s strategy and its valuation. We train you in the mechanics of capital raising (shares, convertible bonds, warrants, BSPCE or entrepreneurs’ share vouchers, etc…)
  • Negotiating the fund’s conditions of entry
    We work alongside you through the negotiations with investors, right up to the termsheet
  • Drafting the legal documents required for raising capital.
  • Raising capital
    and coordinating the parties and documentation up until the closing
  • Adapting company operations to the presence of investors
    We assist you in implementing governance (including formalisation, and running the strategic/management/monitoring committees)

Your reference person
Ariane OLIVE

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