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How to properly manage a dispute, a debt recovery?

Spark assists its French and foreign clients on a daily basis, with the management of commercial disputes, judicial or not, that they are liable to encounter.

Breach of contract management, notice negotiations, termination of established commercial relationships, unfair competition and trademark infringement figure among Spark’s current areas of activity.

We always favour an amicable approach

Our mission namely consists in:
– identifying with you the issues and stakes of the dispute at hand;
– determining a strategy of approach of the case, always favouring negotiation, and resolving latent or declared conflict in a positive manner;
– implementing the elected strategy with you, on either a “front line” or “behind the scenes” basis;
– conducting, in the event of failure, the entire judicial procedure before the competent court without ruling out a settlement negotiation, including during the hearing.


  • Terminating contractual or commercial relations
  • Notice negotiation
  • Implementation of asset and liability guarantees
  • Management of conflicts between partners
  • Unfair competition


  • We assess the details of the dispute in the company’s overall context
  • We perform legal characterisation and assess the litigation’s chances of success
  • We provide you with our practical and proportionate Spark approach
  • We translate the newly defined strategy into legal terms
  • We draft your key documents (protocol, summons, conclusions, claim declaration, etc.) and conduct the pleadings
  • We remain at your side until the end of the dispute

Your reference person
Ariane OLIVE

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