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Understanding and establishing a business contract with a partner

Spark is well aware of the added value, in the commercial development of a company, of a commercial contract perfectly adapted to the sector of activity and to the parties involved, and serving the targeted commercial objectives.

Spark contracts are adapted to each client’s field of activity. Our business knowledge of each client allows us to consider every issue and angle, preventing potential disputes and commercial litigation.

We adapt the contracts to the different parties, naturally taking into account the commercial targets.


  • Defining stakes and specifications
  • Negotiating the issues at hand
  • Drafting the contract
  • Finalising, signing, and subsequent follow-up


  • We assess the details of the dispute in the company’s overall context
  • We identify and find the sequence in the different links of the value chain to be contractualised
  • We define the relevant contract specifications
  • We support you during negotiations with the contract’s other parties, taking into account the business / cultural / geographical context
  • We draft the contract(s) in the appropriate language(s)
  • We support you right up to the annexes approval, signing the contracts, as well as during the first months of implementation.

Your reference person
Ariane OLIVE

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