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Our expertise and our support during a dispute

The firm provides labour law assistance to companies and employees in dispute:

  • labour court litigation
  • electoral dispute
  • social security litigation
  • criminal labour law litigation



Addressing a labour court litigation

Due to legal instability, fluctuating jurisprudence, and a significant change in mentalities, increasingly complex cases require interpretation and technical assistance in order to be well defended.

SPARK assists you throughout the process:

  • during the conciliation and orientation hearing
  • during the drafting of conclusions
  • during the voting process
  • during the review of the opponent’s file

A labour court procedure requires an in-depth factual and legal assessment of your case, in order to understand the risks and defend your interests as effectively as possible.
Our experience with the Labour Tribunal, with the social branches of the Appeals Tribunal, and with the Social Security Tribunal (TASS), is the means by which to give yourself the biggest chance of success.


We always favour an amicable approach

Our mission namely consists of:

  • identifying with you the issues and stakes of the dispute;
  • determining a case approach strategy, always favouring negotiation, and resolving latent or declared conflict situations in a positive manner;
  • implementing the chosen strategy with you, on a “front line” or “behind the scenes” basis;
  • ensuring, in the event of failure, the entire judicial procedure before the competent court, without ruling out, including during the proceedings, a possible settlement negotiation.

The SPARK method

  • We review the factual details of the dispute, in the company’s overall context
  • We perform the legal characterisation and assess the litigations’ chances of success
  • We put our practical and proportionate Spark approach at your service
  • We translate the strategy built together into legal terms
  • We draft your key deeds (protocol, summons, conclusions, claim declaration, etc.) and conduct the pleadings
  • We remain at your side until the end of the dispute

Your reference person
Matthieu de SOULTRAIT

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