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How to successfully implement a company restructuring policy?

We anticipate the consequences of any current or foreseeable economic, legal or financial problems: industrial or commercial incident, treasury tension, decline in profitability, etc.

Consequently, we determine and implement a restructuring policy (commercial, social, financial, etc.) in order to ensure the continuity of the company’s activities and restore its profitability and value

We ensure safe decision-making in the face of problems, including those relating to the director’s personal and financial situation

We limit the number of parties / partners of the company of whom contributions will be required, thus keeping any implemented preventive measures unknown to competitors, or to the partners not summoned to the negotiating table


  • We detail available prevention / restructuring tools and determine which to implement.
  • Nous définissons avec le dirigeant le calendrier de mise en œuvre avec une démarche de « coaching – réassurance » pour lui donner une visibilité sur les étapes des actions arrêtées.
  • Nous assistons l’entreprise et son dirigeant dans la structuration de l’équipe rapprochée qui le soutiendra ; 

We have a network of quality partners, and strong relationships with ad hoc representatives and conciliators all over France.

  • We assist the company and its director in negotiations with banks (debt restructuring), strategic suppliers (renegotiation of terms and conditions), partnership and tax creditors, shareholders / bondholders…
  • We assist the company in searching for new money and structuring agreements and related guarantees.
  • We draft your legal paperwork (requests, agreement protocols, contract amendments, etc.) and assist in the presentation of “IBR” type (Independent Business Review = independent financial report) financial documents; (NB: our practice has endowed us with an expert knowledge of the expectations of our banking collaborators in the special business services, who will be present at the negotiating table.

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