Aurélie de Rolland

Paris court barrister

Aurélie is a Paris court barrister working in SPARK’s social laws department. Alongside Matthieu de Soultrait, she provides the firm’s clients with consultancy and litigation advice in the context of labour and social security law.

+33 (0) 1 83 79 97 62

Her practice has her working with companies of all sizes, as well as executives.


Aurélie has a Master 2 in labour law and relations (“DPRT”) from Université Paris XI.
She also teaches individual and collective relations at work at the IUT de Sceaux, with lectures and seminars to vocational degree second years.

What you will not find on her CV: Aurélie enjoys knitting, musicals (singing duets with Ariane), Italian gastronomy but French wine, fashion, fencing, and Serge Gainsbourg.